Camden on your Todd

I made a trip to Camden yesterday, on my own. It was surprisingly enjoyable. I loved it, stuck my head phones in and just had a right good wonder. No one rushing to get somewhere, didn’t have to worry about if some one else was having a good time or if they wanted to do something. It was just me going through every shop that I wanted. I actually got through every piece of the market which I have never been able to do before, in one trip anyway. Plus I got myself the cutest boots!


Tried to talk myself out if them but they kept popping up at me. I guess that’s a good reason to take someone with you, they can talk you out of buying things you don’t really need… 😀


Amal Coad

Yes, yes, and its always me who can talk you out of things eh … LOL … but I must admit I like it … very fierce! hee hee 😉

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