Metallic Castings

I know I vanished again, I actually have a good reason this time. I’ve been working nights for the past two weeks and probably done about 80 hours over time. So all I’ve had time for is pretty much sleep and work. Its been exhausting. I did manage to squeeze in a small casting because I got some new moulds that I really wanted to try (Which I didnt in the end because I had others on the go). I just wanted to make a quick post about these two that I pulled out, that came out so unexpectedly well.


Yes, there are a few micro air bubbles in one, so micro that they are barely seen but I can see them when I look really really closely. They are unfinished too, so excuse the background for the time being. Check how they are catching the light in the photos though, that the effect that I got really excited about. They look almost 3d they are that shinny. Lets just say you will probably see more metallics popping in the my resin pieces from now on.

Stay tuned for the rest of the casting that was pulled. 😀

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Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 21.19.52


Amal Coad

I like these too. they are so different again. very cool 😉

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