Car boot Finds


So the car boot season has started again and its fabulous. Great place to pick up bits and pieces for my favorite new hobby of resin crafts. This little bundle of bits pictured above was only £3.40, bargin.
Odd think is I was thinking of making some emoticon necklaces so the beads are perfect for the next casting. And I’m always on the look out for new molds, so the Tetris one there was another perfect find. Although I have seen nicer ones that look more like Tetris blocks with the blocks divided, I like the smooth finish on this one as I might be able to have a bit of flex with what I use it for.
The beads are just handy to have, not got any plans for them yet but of course I will use them somewhere.


This one I am so chuffed with, nothing to do with crafting but the cutest tin of a Dalek, not exactly a collectors item but I love it all the same! Needs a touch of cleaning up but other than that the condition is near perfect.

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