More castings

20140401-222804.jpg 20140401-222811.jpg

Arent they lovely. Just pulled these pieces out and again not too bad. The rounded ones aren’t perfect but for a first try with colour blending they are pretty darn good. The red and gold rounded one is probably least favorite. The colour is a little dull, it’ll work great as a background but not as a center piece.
You’ll notice the butterfly and skull piece are where I’ve tried to blend the colours, the butterfly one worked great. The skull one is a bit subtle, I think I need to use colours that aren’t so similar, more green next time I think.
The hearts I am in love with, no pun intended. I adore the bleed through effect on the beads, means no two heart are the same. I used the same beads on two of the hearts with a different colour background and it really changes the final look of the piece.

Now to sand them down and make a cord for them. What do you think, ball and chain or fabirc cord in matching colours?

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