Plans gone wild….

I had all this aspirations this week to get a whole load of things done on the computer. Aaaand I’ve done one. I’ve integrated my little tcg post with the main blog, have a look at the side bar. Quite pleased I managed it really. Its only including the header so not exactly a lot of coding involved but still something I figured it out by myself so yay!
I have actually been working on a old TCG that made a while back, completely reworked the management system that it used. I turned to MyTCG scripting and have been modifying and playing with the code a little. Nothing spectacular changed but there is very little guiding out there for it. People have made various modifications but havnt really documented what they have done. For example I had to use one the hacks to get the script to work in the first place because the base code had been changed, then when the hack was installed it over wrote an update of the script. Tricky little script. But if you want to see the progress so far then check out the link below.

I’m half tempted to try and find all the hacks and hits that I used and see if anyone would mind if I linked and maybe tried to explain the installation of some of them. With some help of course. After all I am no expert with the script nor was I in anyway associated with its creation, just thinking of something that might be useful to some.

I want to try and put together a proper portfolio of works that I can actually show off. Include a little of everything that I’ve worked on in the past few years. Maybe it’ll give me an decent creative boost. I’ve been lacking in that department for a while. Though when I was attaching the TCG post to my blog I did notice a few things that need to be tweaked, so that will have to be added to my to do list.

Im going to put together a list of things that I want to get done and slowly work my way through it. Some of it I know I can achieve other bits might be tricky. Some times I do wish that I didnt have a full time job then I might actually have time to work on these things with out being so tired. 😀 I guess we all have our crosses to bear lol. Nah, I do like my job even when it stresses me out, just dont tell anyone.

Ooh I forgot to say I just bought this for my phone, it’s so cool. And my text tone is the tardis sound. How cool am I?


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