Topic 18 : Your favourite colour(s).


What on earth do you write about with this topic? My favourite colour is blue, nearly any shade depending on my mood.
Thats it the post is done. Completed. That was the quickest blog challenge post yet.

Okay so I did google this one too see if I could get any ideas about what to write about. Nothing I found was overly inspiring to be honest. Most of it was about art challenges and using your favourite colour in some sort of craft. So I figured lets show off my favourite blue creation and it is of course my nails!
Blue Gradient Nails
More than likely you’ve seen this one before because its amazing. And there is something about blue grandients that just appeals to me. This isnt the tidiest gradient I have dont but I do love the two shades and they mixed well. The glitter was just icing on the cake or nails. This really puts me in the mood to try a few more gradients as I havent done one in a while… Stay tuned for that!

Topic 17: One of your celebrity crushes.


Celeb crushes. That’s easy none. I’m one of those people that actually feels an attraction to the character or personality more than the looks. Don’t get me wrong I can and do appreciate a good looking lad but I don’t exactly start day dreaming about meeting them. I have been know to include a fictional character or two in my day dreams and yes that fictional character does look like the actor who plays them but I have no idea who the actor is so it is tricky to have a crush on them, where as the character they play yeah I can have a crush on them.

The tenth Dr who is probably my default crush when asked this, he is an awesome character. Funny, fierce and intelligent. Plus he can do a sick Scottish accent (yes, I know Tennant is Scottish but the Dr isn’t), and honestly are you going to turn down a man that has a TARDIS? Really? I know you shouldn’t date someone for their car but its a frickin’ TARDIS! You realize it travels in space and time? and has an uncanny ability to always land smack dab in the middle of trouble? Right. I think I have to be honest with myself here, I don’t think I have a crush on the doctor… I think I have a crush on the TARDIS….
Doctor Who image
I mean look at that lovely big blue box, ignoring the hansom chap next to it. You know you wish you had one!
And here is a random image propgating the Doctor as the perfect boyfriend that made me chuckle.
Oh wait there’s more…
A dr and Green lanturn mash up, found on pintrest. Not sure how I feel bout this one… Giving the doctor a ring that materializes what ever he can imagine might be too much for one person.

And the last one is Tennant in a spiderman tee. Isnt that cool?

Topic 16: Something you do like about yourself.


Isnt this one imaginative? Its a complete opposite of the previous topic!
Oddly enough I didn’t even think of anything I could talk about here when I was writing about the things I don’t like.
What do I like about me? Lots of things, namely the fact I am me… That’s probably a good start. I would hate to be someone else, but I suppose if I was someone else then I would still be myself, so I guess I would still like myself? Weird. There you go though, that is actually something I like about myself, my odd little thought patterns that don’t really make sense unless you live somewhere in my head. And I don’t really want other people in my head because that would be well and truly weird and not in a good way.
That’s that. Im going to keep this one short and sweet because I can, and I don’t want this is deteriate into a random babble with no point. So I’ll keep it to a short babble.

Topic 15: Something you don’t like about yourself.


Really, something I don’t like about myself? I love myself! That’s that, blog post over.

Nah, There is quite a bit I would change about myself but most of things are superficial and based on a passing whims so I’d probably regret it if I did physically change something. Weight loss would be a good one, after all no one really likes being a larger lady, I’d have much more choice in clothes and some would even be cheaper. But again without the work to get the lesser weight I’d probably gain back and end up at square one.
But that is something I don’t like about myself, its not like it’s an issue for me so much, most of the time I accept my weight happily, more or less. Im not hugely obese to the point I cant function, nor do I start feeling self conscious around size 0 girls. Yes I am aware that Im bigger than some people but we are all different, and that’s what makes the world great. I can dress to suit my size and I wear the correct size clothes so I don’t have that annoying muffin top thing, which I have to say isn’t exclusively reserved for big girls, I’ve seen slender girls have that to.
Plus size and weight are things that you can work on changing with time, just put your head down and do it. So in a small way that’s what I am trying to do. Never focus on the negative about yourself, there are plenty of people who will do that for you, focus on what you can change about yourself if want to and focus on what makes you happy because you are the only one you can let yourself be happy. If you don’t like something about you then change it or learn to accept it, its part of you.
And that brings us to the end of the personal life coaching session, the end of that got a little preachy but I hope you got what I ment and it didn’t come across as all knowing.



Getting dressed this morning I realzied I hadnt done a shop finds for this tshirt place, that is amazing. So here we are. A while back I ordered a couple of t-shirts, from a company called teeturtle.


If you couldn’t tell, I like Dr who and Cats. Cats probably a bit more, because cats are so awesome and cool. And a Dalek cat is possible the coolest thing in the world. These are the first two designs that I ordered.
I forget exactly how much I paid but most of their shirts range between $15 -$20. Notice that they are in dollars, the company is based in the USA but they do ship internationally, I think paid about $6 to ship to the uk which is great. And the shipping time was fairly reasonable, I believe I only waited about a week and half. Of course the shipping time will change depending on the time of year, christmas will take longer but that would be for any things in the post. Though saying that I did order one for a friend early december and had it within two weeks so Photo 10-03-2016, 17 03 52
I’d hazard a guess and say they are well organised.
Not to mention if you sign up for the newsletter you can get notifications about sales, offers and new designs!

Most of the designs feature cute and quirky characters that are inspired by our favorite films, TV series and games. They even have some awesome crossovers, check out some of there Pokemon crossovers they are hilarious. And this company is happy to play on puns which is really not a bad thing.

The shirts are 100% cotton and most of the designs are screen printed, well according tho their FAQs, anyway. The print quality so far seems to last pretty well. The shirts you can see here have been through the wash at least 4 or 5 times with barely any affect on the colours or print.

This shirt on the right is my last purchase a couple of months back, is it not awesome?
Just in case my awesomeness is too much the shirt reads ‘It’s good to be bad’ and features Maleficent, Deadpool and Loki. Also lets not comment on how my selfie skills suck. We all had to start somewhere, right?

Anyway if you havent aready go and check them out, they are brilliant with some brilliant designs, and this post is not sponsered so all my chatter is just free publicity for them because I can.

Have you got any teeturle design or are you going to get some?

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