Kick Ass Kisses : Freedom Pro Melts


What this another Lipstick review/discussion? Yes. Yes it is. Today I wanted to talk about Freedom Pro melts. Dont they look posh? Only £3. Bargin or what? Again this was a bit of an impluse buy while shopping around superdrug. Superdrug, has a good knack of putting things in the right place for impluse purchases, Well done super drug. As you can guess it was the price point that pulled me into this one. For three pounds you can’t really go wrong.

So first thing with these, I adore the outer packaging. Simple and professional looking. Im not a fan of the actually lipstick container. I think the white cap, though stands apart from other brands, looks a tad too plain.

The price point on these are its biggest draw, £3 for a tube of 7.5ml which calculates to £2 per 10ml. Which is darn cheap. Can it really go wrong for that price?

As you can see I picked two colours out. The blue is called ‘Just do it’ and the Purple is ‘Wanted’.


The Applicators are standard angled doe foots, so application is easy, though I struggled to get it near the edge of lips without it noticably bleeding. Results would probably be better with a lip liner. There is no smell from either so that is a bonus.

Wanted (the purple one) goes on quite well. It gives fairly decent coverage if you apply it generaouly. Not excessively but more dont be stingy with the product. It is definitly more of gloss than a lipstick so there is a nice shine to it. The forumla still seemed a little streaky on it own, so I would recomend using something under it to give a better colour finish. I felt the product moved around a little more than I like once it has been applied and I’d often get little bits on my teeth and around my piercing. So it does need to be touched up through out the day.


‘Just do it’ (the blue one), was just wrong. The colour payout was dissapointing to say the least. A thin layer over another lipstick is the way to go with this one. It comes out really sheer. Even trying to build it up it is just streaky and patchy. This cannot be worn on its own at all. Which made me really sad because I this as a solid colour would have been awesome. Like the purple this moves on the lips after application a little too much for my comfort and with harsh colours like this you do have to be carefull because smudges look so much more noticable.


The lovegevity of both lipsticks is neglible for me. As Ive said before, I smoke and drink (coffee) all day so transfer is the bane of my lipsticks and this just melts away before I’ve even finished a cup. If you looking for something for a photoshoot or something quick then these are great otherwise there are better options out there, even in the more outragous colours.

Would I buy them again? Probably not. Im not a massive fan of lip glosses to start with, for me these appealed to be because of the bright colours and I enjoy trying new lipsticks. Do you agree with me, or do think these are the bees knees?

Kick Ass Kisses : Bonjour Rouge


Today we are looking at Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in Ole Flamingo 5. This is the first lip liquid lipstick that I purchased specifically as a long wear liquid lipstick. It was just a random little find from Superdrug, also the first Bonjour product I’ve purchased so I was quite excited to try it.

The product is described as a Bold colour with matt finish and Flawless hold, which as I said before is why I thought it would be a good buy. I paid £8.99, which works out as £13.42 per 10ml, least according to the superdrug site it does. Seems reasonable for a drug store brand and for the quantity.
The package is cute and small, perfect for makeup bags, well, perfect for my tiny makeup bag.


It comes with a pretty standard angled doe foot applicator that is easy to use and control the application. The actual texture of the product is smooth and feels fairly moisturizing for a supposed matte formula.
I adore the colour, even though with lipsticks I tend to prefer the louder more unusual colours this one just spoke to me. The colour really popped with just one layer, I found it to a be a very wearable colour.
The longevity was debatable. It definitely wasn’t touch proof. I’m a smoker and a chronic coffee drinker so things are always touching my lips and there was a fair bit of transfer to start with. Oddly enough though, the colour always seemed quite strong on the lips even after a few cups of coffee and me feeling like half the colour should have transferred off!


Looks great right. But hold on, it looks a little shinny there doesn’t it? That was my big issue with this lipstick. It’s advertised as matte, but it doesn’t really dry down. It isn’t exactly a high shine but it definitely is not a matte. I’d say more of a satin finish, not a big deal unless you wanted something matte then… don’t get this one.

To be honest though, even though the matte feature was one of the main reasons I bought this, I still really like it with the slight shine. The colour lasts a lot longer than standard lipsticks and when it does wear off it seems wear off evenly so it doesn’t look disastrous when it starts coming off. The formula is in no way drying and feels really light.

Over all I would definitely purchase this again, or at least purchase it in a different colour again.

Have you tried this before? What do you think of it? Is there anything I’ve missed about the product that you want to know?

Topic 19 : A place to which you want to go.


Since I read Geshias of Gion, I have always wanted to go the Gion to see a real geisha in full regalia. To be fair, I’ve actually wanted to go to japan since I was a kid and Pokemon was a thing because Japan is where Pokemon and Anime come from! Yeah I know, every kid into anime wants to go to Japan. That’s so clique! Well whats your point? I still wanna go some day. And I will.
Japan, seems like it would be a weird mix of modern and ancient. With cutting edge tech next to old shrines. A mix of tradition with new thinking. I don’t know, maybe it’ll be nothing like that but if it was that would be cool and such fun to experience and try capture.
Then there’s the fashion, I just mean looking at the fashion not so much buying it. Its were Lolita come from right so there has to be Lolita version of Camden somewhere there, right? Fancy frills everywhere! That would be great.

Besides what I have seen on various anime and read in mostly fiction books I really know nothing about Japan. It just one of those places that I hear talked about with such reverence that I cant shake the idea of going. If I did go, I would have to plan a serious itinerary and do some crazy research.

Another place I want to go is the valley of the kings, this one again Ive wanted since I was a kid because I was mad about Egyptian mythology. I don’t have a favorite pharaoh or tomb but to see some of the stories on the walls of the pyramids would be a dream.

Topic 18 : Your favourite colour(s).


What on earth do you write about with this topic? My favourite colour is blue, nearly any shade depending on my mood.
Thats it the post is done. Completed. That was the quickest blog challenge post yet.

Okay so I did google this one too see if I could get any ideas about what to write about. Nothing I found was overly inspiring to be honest. Most of it was about art challenges and using your favourite colour in some sort of craft. So I figured lets show off my favourite blue creation and it is of course my nails!
Blue Gradient Nails
More than likely you’ve seen this one before because its amazing. And there is something about blue grandients that just appeals to me. This isnt the tidiest gradient I have dont but I do love the two shades and they mixed well. The glitter was just icing on the cake or nails. This really puts me in the mood to try a few more gradients as I havent done one in a while… Stay tuned for that!

Topic 17: One of your celebrity crushes.


Celeb crushes. That’s easy none. I’m one of those people that actually feels an attraction to the character or personality more than the looks. Don’t get me wrong I can and do appreciate a good looking lad but I don’t exactly start day dreaming about meeting them. I have been know to include a fictional character or two in my day dreams and yes that fictional character does look like the actor who plays them but I have no idea who the actor is so it is tricky to have a crush on them, where as the character they play yeah I can have a crush on them.

The tenth Dr who is probably my default crush when asked this, he is an awesome character. Funny, fierce and intelligent. Plus he can do a sick Scottish accent (yes, I know Tennant is Scottish but the Dr isn’t), and honestly are you going to turn down a man that has a TARDIS? Really? I know you shouldn’t date someone for their car but its a frickin’ TARDIS! You realize it travels in space and time? and has an uncanny ability to always land smack dab in the middle of trouble? Right. I think I have to be honest with myself here, I don’t think I have a crush on the doctor… I think I have a crush on the TARDIS….
Doctor Who image
I mean look at that lovely big blue box, ignoring the hansom chap next to it. You know you wish you had one!
And here is a random image propgating the Doctor as the perfect boyfriend that made me chuckle.
Oh wait there’s more…
A dr and Green lanturn mash up, found on pintrest. Not sure how I feel bout this one… Giving the doctor a ring that materializes what ever he can imagine might be too much for one person.

And the last one is Tennant in a spiderman tee. Isnt that cool?

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